The Best Outdoor Playhouse With Slides you Can Buy

Nowadays, kids do not want to spend time outside, instead they want to spend their time indoors in front of screens. This is something not good for their health.

Getting your kids outside for playing is not an easy thing. There should always be something quite convincing to get them out. Things could be some games and toys to help you.

In this regard, getting a playhouse for your kid will be a great option and it will become greater if that will be with a slide.

An outdoor playhouse with slide will draw the attention of your kid to come and play with it.

You may think which one to buy as there are a lot of options in the market. So, we got your back.

Here is the list of top 10 best kids outdoor playhouse with slide you can buy.

1.Aleko Outdoor Wooden Swing Playset

This Aleko outdoor playhouse with slide takes your playtime to another level. It is an ultimate combination of comfort, safety, and fun. Another of its great uses is its all year usage.

It is a perfect consideration for kids to keep busy for hours without using a screen. Its design is suitable for any yard as it comes with a slide, swing, wall ladder with climbing rock and steering wheel.

It enables the kid to slide with style as its slide is of 7 foot plastic material. It is mounted in a way easy to access. The rock wall is also easy to climb as it equips a simple way to access the upper fort.

This swing slide play set is super easy to install and maintain. The wood of this playhouse is pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-stained to enable you enjoy convenience and ease.

  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • High in quality

    2.3 in 1 Jungle Gym Playset by Eezy Peezy

    This playhouse is a great choice for youngsters. It comes with a fun and safe ball pit, toss target, slide and colorful balls. It is a 3-in-1 playhouse that will for sure be your kid’s favorite.

    It is quite durable to last as made from high quality and safe plastic material. Furthermore, it features long lasting interlocking tubes made from plastic and connectors that have double self-locking springs.

    This playhouse is super easy to assemble to let your kid enjoy hours of fun. It assures you unlimited enjoyment for your little champ.

    It comes with a super safe slide, ball pit, toss target and colorful balls. The weight of this outdoor playhouse is 20.3 lbs and it can easily bear 150 lbs of weight. It requires assembly that is super easy to do.

    This is a high quality playhouse that you can place in your outdoor area to let your kid enjoy at its fullest. It comes with a lot of balls that boosts the user experience.

    • High quality plastic construction.
    • 50 colorful balls
    • 3-in-1 design
    • Difficult instructions
    • Little bit Smelly

    3.Toddler Slide and Swing Set

    So this playhouse for kids is the unique one. It has six games that come in a single playhouse. All its six games assures you smooth playing. The playhouse features, potential swing, smooth slide, a stand for basketball, and a whole set of baseball, football, and basketball combinations.

    Another of its incredible points is that it is a great fit for indoor and outdoor usage both. This play set is a great fit for toddlers as it has all the elements that are for toddlers.

    This is a bright and colorful playhouse that is much durable in quality. It is made from long lasting non-toxic HDPE material to let your kid slide with assured safety. This is a unique game set that is liable to accompany the kid until he grows up.

    This play set provides your kid with protection. Its slide has gentle slopes and easy climbing steps that will be a plus for your child. The whole rail of the slide has a smooth connection without any edges that makes it a good fit for the baby’s softer skin.

    The swing ropes are of high quality material that is long enough to provide protection as the kid plays.

    • Easy to assemble
    • Six in one playhouse
    • High quality construction
    • Safe for kids

      4.Toddler Blue Slide and Swing Set

      This is a bright blue color kids play set that is super easy to assemble. It just requires a few steps that are mentioned on the instruction page. In fact, it comes equipped with all the hardware needed and there is no need for any complicated tools to assemble it.

      This blue color playhouse is a never ending adventure for your kiddo as it has a lot of challenges.

      This is a four in one colorful play set that offers you three functions that are a smooth slide, a robust swing and a basketball hoop that is particular for outdoor usage. All its functions are wholly created for toddlers to enjoy at its fullest.

      This playhouse is made from durable and non-toxic HDPE material that makes it a safe choice for your kids. It is the best companion for your kids until they grow up.

      • Easy assembling
      • No tools required
      • Four in one function
      • Bright color

        5.Hide and Seek Climber by Little Tikes

        This is a great source for toddlers to enjoy in a unique way. This is a slide climber that comes with a climbing rock wall that is designed for beginners in mind. It also has an adventure tunnel for the kids to crawl through and hide inside.

        It comes in quite accurate size that makes a perfect fit for toddlers. The slide climber is a great choice to build up their coordination and balance.

        Besides the fun part of this plastic outdoor playhouse with slide, it is a great encouragement for physical activity too.

        It features a climbing rock wall and slope slide for soft landing. Maximum 2 kids can play in this play set. 90 to 100 lbs of weight is bearable for this playhouse and it requires assembly before playing.

        • It is easy to out together
        • Size is accurate
        • Kids love it
        • Not enticing design

        Buying Guide for Outdoor Playhouse with Slide:

        Playhouses are the best way to increase the activity of kids or they will keep stuck to their screens. It helps you make your kids active, enabling their creativity and boosting imagination.

        However, there is a great number of outdoor playhouse with slide and swings available in the market that will make your decision making process difficult. It is because you don’t know which one is a perfect fit for your kid.

        Here is a detailed buying guide that will help you choose the one that suits you best.

        · Check on Material:

        Mostly parents are attracted towards the size and design of a playhouse. Yes, choosing an appealing design playhouse is for sure important. But material check on is something crucial as it impacts over the durability and lifespan of the product.

        Most of the playhouses are made from wood or plastic. Wooden made are great because of its long lasting life, pleasing design and versatility. It is a heavy duty option that gives an aesthetic look to your backyard. Besides this, the plastic one is affordable and easy to maintain.

        · Style and Design:

        The design of your playhouse should blend with your landscape. It should offer a high level of amusement alongside complementing your yard aesthetically. For this, the best option is to assess what models are offering regarding development and fun. Each of the models has different features and accessories that spark over your kid’s creativity. Also keep in mind your backyard while choosing the design as it needs to match it.

        Regardless of every rule, choose the one that is simple and please alongside that accommodates varied age groups that will enable your kid to play for next coming years.

        · Size Consideration:

        When you choose a playhouse with a slide, get the most versatile model that meets the needs of a lot of kids. But also, it depends on the parents to decide on the size as they know well which is suitable for their budget, area and kids.

        For the kids of two to five years, the best consideration is to get a molded plastic playhouse. It is best as it does not take much space and offers much space to the toddlers to let them show their creativity and play being active.

        Besides this, for the kids four to ten years, the good option is a playground structure or permanent outdoor playhouse with slide. However, it requires proper installation in a larger area. But it has pros like it can easily accommodate a lot of kids and give boost to imaginative and physical playing.

        · Location of the Playhouse:

        The location where you will be placing your playhouse is another important factor you need to check on. It is important because it impacts over the actual size of the playhouse. Wherever you will be placing your playhouse with a slide, make sure that the place is spacious enough to let you do other things.

        Besides this, you also need to ensure that the area where you are installing your playhouse with a slide should have sunlight and fresh air to keep the area ventilated. Also, keep that place clean from sharp objects and insects so that your kids are prevented from danger.

        · Maintenance:

        Most of the time, people do not consider the maintenance point. However, the point to note is that playhouses need consistent maintenance as it will make it durable. It will maintain its look and style for years.

        If you acquire a playhouse made from wood then make sure to treat it each year with particular wood paint or preserver coating. It will prevent your playhouse from getting damaged by weather. Apart from this, a playhouse with a slide made from plastic material is quite easier to look after as you only need to clean it.

        Safety Features for Your Little Ones:

        That’s for sure that being a parent your top priority is your kids’ safety. And the crucial point you need to keep in mind while investing money on a playhouse with a slide is the safety of your kid.

        The features of a safe playset include;

        ·         Smooth and long lasting barrier

        ·         Robust handles to support climbing

        ·         Structure without sharp corners

        ·         Any resilient material to place beneath the slide.

        Frequently Asked Questions:

        Final Words:

        Having kids is a great experience as it has a lot of pleasures and responsibilities. While taking care of your kids, you also need to provide him/her things for their fun and amusement.

        Kids outdoor playhouses with slide are great things you can have for your kids. It makes your kids physically active and creative to play in varied ways.

        In this article, we have reviewed the best outdoor playhouses with slides for you to choose the one best suitable for you. 

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