Best Baby Bottles to Use for Newborns (Reviews 2020)

Newborn bottles are one of the most significant things you should buy if you are pregnant. Regardless of whether you plan on breastfeeding your newborn, there will be times when you’ll have to use the other technique for feeding. Furthermore, it allows your partner or other relatives to help with feeding time and permits them to also bond with the baby. 

There are such a large number of various decisions with regards to bottle-feeding, yet a few Best Feeding Bottle Brand for Newborn stand apart as the best alternatives. Avent, Born Free, and Dr. Dark colored’s are the top-rated ones available and they have all functioned admirably for my children.  

Newborn bottles accompany every single diverse shape and size of areolas and you will find that your child will improve certain ones. Each baby is extraordinary and has interesting inclinations. Purchase a few distinct styles and let your little one pick which one they like best. In any case, be certain you start with a moderate stream areola that is intended for newborns. After about a month you can climb to the following degree of stream, Stage Two which simply has a greater gap to permit more milk to stream out when the child sucks. 

Some Definite Advantages to Bottle Feeding Newborns 

The equation can be better than an average choice of breast milk! The recipe you feed for your kid is furnished with huge numbers of the fundamental nutrients and minerals that are also in a mother’s milk. Bottle feeding permits fathers to have an increasingly dynamic job in feeding their babies and this isn’t just useful for mothers since she gets a little rest. 

However, it is also useful for the connection between newborn and father. Another generous advantage is that you don’t need to watch your eating routine as intently since you won’t be passing on any mixed refreshments, hot foods, etc.

So, What Are the Best Bottles for A Newborn?

1: Mimijumi Very Hungry

The Mimijumi Very Hungry Baby Feeding Bottle was made by lactation experts and specialists make feeding time simpler and charming for both child and mom. This container can hold to 8oz, fulfilling even the hungriest of children. Its areola is intended to closely resemble a mother’s breast, permitting your newborn to hook and feed easily. This is the Best Feeding Bottle for 1 Month Old Baby.

Concerning the areola’s stream rate, it is constrained by the newborn. Different highlights incorporate the venting framework to forestall colic and slip-free base. The Very Hungry is without BPA, sans latex and satisfies all US security guidelines. This is the Best Feeding Bottle Brand for Newborn.

2: Munchkin Latch Baby Bottles

About $6 per bottle. These hook bottles are moderately new to the newborn bottle market, and they have some extraordinary creative highlights. The remarkable enemy of the colic valve is situated on the base of the bottle, which diminishes the multifaceted nature of the washing procedure comparative with Dr. Darker’s choice. As the child expends more milk, the valve gradually permits air to enter the bottle, diminishing the negative weight and lessening air ingestion. 

Less air being ingested implies less burping and colic. In our testing, we figured the valve worked admirably of diminishing gas and colic. In any case, we also imagined that the structure made it increasingly hard to clean, and we were never extremely certain that we got the valve altogether clean during washing. This is also the Best Feeding Bottle Brand for Newborn.

3: MAM Newborn Gift Set

Reflux is quite serious. If your baby is experiencing this, you’ll attempt to effectively help calm them. These bottles were made for babies given reflux with their licensed vented base that gets out air bubbles so it doesn’t get caught in your newborn’s stomach. In one investigation by the organization, 80 percent of the moms tried said after utilizing this bottle their newborn had less colic, so it merits a shot!

Also, these are made in light of breastfeeding mothers with a delicate silicone areola. The organization says that 94 percent of children took this areola in contemplates. This set is also a brilliant purchase since it accompanies two 5-ounce bottles and two 9-ounce bottles so you can use these from newborn up till your child begins drinking out of a cup.

4: Camera Baby Feeding bottle

This bottle has an exceptionally planned stream preoccupation plate that encourages babies not to gag when feeding. With the bottle, your child will consistently stay safe. An enemy of colic valve areola keeps the newborn child from experiencing stomach agonies, gas, and burps. Your newborn can hold the bottle easily, an element that makes it the best and advantageous bottle to use when feeding your young one. Because of its lightweight nature, the bottle is the best to use when going with your child.

This bottle has an exceptionally planned stream preoccupation plate that encourages babies not to gag when feeding. With the bottle, your child will consistently stay safe. An enemy of colic valve areola keeps the newborn child from experiencing stomach agonies, gas, and burps. Your newborn can hold the bottle easily, an element that makes it the best and advantageous bottle to use when feeding your young one. Because of its lightweight nature, the bottle is the best to use when going with your child. This is also the Best Feeding Bottle for 1 Month Old Baby.

If we count this in best baby bottle list than it’s not wrong as it’s holds a premeasured amount mark that empowers the mother to know the specific amount of milk that their child has taken. The perfect state of the bottle fits effectively permitting your straight to take care of utilizing the bottle with a ton of solaces. This bottle is BPA free and in this manner the best to use when feeding your child.

5: Philips Avent Anti Colic Bottles Clear

The Philips Avent against colic bottle is intended to limit inconvenience for your child by lessening gas and colic with the Airflex venting framework. The ribbed surface of the areolas gives an enemy of breakdown highlight to permit a continuous feed for your newborn. The wide-neck configuration permits simple cleaning and less spillage. You’ll get a pack of three bottles in your crate meaning there’ll consistently be a spotless bottle accessible for your newborn.

6: Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

Tommee Tippee bottles help evade gas with an exceptional cylinder embed that drives air pockets to the rear of the bottle. The wide-necked plan also helps the newborn with keeping up a decent lock during feedings. The surface and state of the areolas are like a genuine areola.

So, it’s easy to change from bottle to breast. What’s more, in case you’re an apprehensive new parent, also you’ll adore that the counter colic tube has a temperature check to inform you as to whether your child’s bottle is unseasonably warm for comfort. It’s another Best Feeding Bottle Brand for Newborn.

7: Comotomo Natural-Feel Baby Bottle

Causing the change from breast to the bottle can be precarious for certain children so you’ll need to make the move as smooth as would be prudent. For most, buying a couple of single bottles bodes well until you locate the one that works best for your newborn and requirements. The Comotomo bottle can be bought in either a 5 oz. or on the other hand 8 oz size. 

So, it’s extraordinary for newborns and older children the same. What makes them simple for those presenting the bottle is they have a wide hill with a normally molded areola to forestall any disarray. 

Other than being simple for your newborn to hook onto, these are also made of silicone which is sans BPA and can securely go in the dishwasher and microwave. The silicone also gives these an excessively delicate grasp that newborns appreciate clutching. The areola on these has a double vent which will help facilitate any inconvenience and forestall burps. 

Also, the best part is that these bottles have an extra-wide base so they are extremely simple to clean, which is an absolute necessity for any worn-out family unit. These bottles are on the expensive side so simply attempt a couple from the start before you focus on additional.

8: Medella Breastmilk Bottle Set

The Medella breastmilk bottle set is the ideal arrangement of bottles for breastfeeding mothers. Why not ruin another mother?

The Medella bottles fit superbly on any Medella breast siphon so you don’t need to stress over moving milk starting with one bottle then onto the next. What makes it, significantly more, easy to use? The screw-on covers that give release free security so you can go without spilling any of your valuable milk. 

These bottles are the main doctor suggested breastmilk capacity item in the U.S. The simple to peruse volume markings will permit you to know precisely how much your newborn needed to drink. The movement top will guarantee a clean areola consistently.

9: RIANZ Thermal Insulation Baby Bottle

Hardened steel made, the bottle takes into account simple warming. The material makes it lightweight implying that you can use it effortlessly. The newborn can also hold it as a result of this element. The way that it can stand heat makes it simple to clean as well. This is the best steel feeding bottles in India. The bottle is intended for snappy dismantling and in this way simple to clean. You can also quantify the amount that you need your child to take since it has an estimating scale. With it, you don’t have to stress when leaving your child under the consideration of another person since you’ll have the confirmation that they’ll take care of well. This is also considered the Best Feeding Bottle Brand for Newborn.

Dissimilar to plastic bottles where you need to continue transforming them every once in a while, all you have to do with this bottle is supplant the areola. Utilizing the bottle will, accordingly, empower you to set aside the cash you could have in any case used to buy another one.

10: Playtex Ventaire Best Baby Bottles

Playtex has been making great and inventive child bottles and sippy cups for quite a few years, and the Ventaire is no exemption. This model uses a calculated bottle shape that makes it a lot simpler to serenely hold and tilt the bottle during feedings. This helps your arm from getting sore, yet also places the child in a moderately upstanding and characteristic situation for feeding, without tilting their head path back. There is some blended proof that a moderately upstanding feeding position also lessens the chances of ear contamination.

11: Philips Avent Natural

Seriously valued for grocery stores and starter packs, the Philips Avent Natural isn’t only a crisis hold on – it performs well long haul as well. If there comes a point in your child-rearing life where you make a crisis grocery store run for new bottles, the Philips Avent is likely what you’ll find on the rack. While it’s not the most imaginatively structured or most elevated performing item we tried, this overhaul on Philips’ unique Classic plan isn’t so essential as its sticker price would propose.

Initially, the nipple. The Philips Avent Natural has been planned, as most bottles seem to be, given breastfed babies, joining delicate ‘petals’ in its wide base to make sucking simpler and increasingly instinctive. A twin valve in the nipple and neckline gives air access to the bottle, lessening the sum your newborn could swallow.

12: Hegen PCTO Press to Close Twist to Open Complete Baby Feeding Starter Kit PPSU

It’s at the costly finish of the bottle advertise, yet this high-caliber, enduring model feels imaginative – and it’s a superior worth when you purchase multiple. Four-year-old newborn brand Hegen has just made a sprinkle in the newborn hardware showcase since its 2015 dispatch. Their lead bottle, the Hegen PCTO (Press to Close, Twist to Open) is costlier than those from progressively settled brands, however, listen to this – it’s also great.

Produced using extra-extreme PPSU plastics (typically used for clinical machines), the bottle is an uncommon ‘delicate square’ shape. It should be simpler for a child to hold, yet it also stacks conveniently, one inside another, when it’s unfilled and occupies less space than round compartments when it’s full and stacked with others.

How to Choose Best Feeding Bottle Brand for Newborn?

Bottle feeding is by and large disapproved of in our general public, nonetheless, once in a while that isn’t in every case reasonable. I do incline toward breastfeeding over bottle-feeding, in any case, there are times when it is preposterous and strange for a mother to breastfeed. At the point when this is the situation, it is critical to acknowledge a mother’s choice. So, if you settle on a decision that you feel is best for you and your child, you can’t be marked a terrible mother for that! 

1: Angle bottles can decrease the measure of air being gulped by the newborn. This will lessen any distress, colic and stomach gas. It is simpler for the child to drink as it emulates the normal state of the breast. Coincidentally, the bottle’s areolas accompany an alternate stream. Quick, direct and slow. You can modify it as indicated by your child’s simplicity of gulping. 

2: You can find the Best Feeding Bottle for 1 Month Old Baby in glass or plastic. The glass one is simpler to clean and sanitize so perhaps a superior decision for the newborn. You will diminish the danger of awful microbes. The plastic one will, in the end, become a smart decision as your children grow up. The plastic bottle won’t break when your baby will drop it. Straightforward up until this point, correct? 

3: You can also purchase a pre-cleaned plastic sack. They are simply ideal for mothers who need to keep their maternal milk and store it in the cooler or ice chest. 

4: 90 to 120 ml of newborn bottles are generally suggested for babies. 240 ml and more will fit better with older newborns. 

These newborn bottles can be found in a huge assortment of hues with various tops decisions and various areolas stream. Simply recollect that when you go to an enormous store, for example, newborn r us, don’t freeze when you 


At the point when you have the newborn bottles with you, you can be certain that feeding your newborn will be a short and simple procedure. You should simply put the milk recipe, or even your milk into the bottles and when your child is ravenous, simply give the bottle to the newborn and they can suckle the scrumptious substance while you take care of your errands. 

This has made it feasible for some moms to keep living their lives significantly after labor. Gone are the days that you needed to drop all that you are doing just to nurture and suckle your newborn. This is the fundamental bit of leeway that Best Baby Bottles to Use for Newborns has brought into the lives of numerous moms. 

Making a newborn blessing, you should also watch out for the material of the child bottle. It’s implied, yet a bottle needs to satisfy the most elevated guidelines as per baby wellbeing. They should be liberated from phthalates and bisphenol-A. 

Looking over changed newborn bottle sizes is much simpler than you might suspect. For whatever length of time that you monitor your newborn’s needs founded on propensities, age, and size, you should experience no difficulty picking the one that works best. 

Make sure to use the correct bottle size, as well. This eliminates squandered milk while also ensuring that the newborn has what the individual in question needs. There is no gorging or under-eating and the newborn will have the entirety of the food important for solid growth.

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